Health Care Services

TEDDS launched its Students Health Care Program in 2008 to promote its noble mission of quality education cum quality health through its expanding chain of ‘The Trust Schools’ in Lahore.
Professionally qualified and an experienced SMO (School Medical Officer) was inducted to spearhead the planned Health Care Program for the students of all the Junior and Senior campuses of ‘The Trust Schools’.

Annual Medical checkup of all the campuses and maintenance of Medical Checkup RecordTargets

  • Advising individual students and their parents about personal hygiene, diet plan and social counseling etc.
  • Implementation of PHM (Personal Hygiene Monitor) and awarding PHM cards and prizes
  • Lectures and circulars on signs, symptoms and prevention of Communicable and Seasonal Diseases to promote awareness amongst students and parents
  • Arranging Baby Health Competition for playgroup, nursery and prep classes and awarding prizes to the Baby Health Competition winners. Also distribution of prize for Mothers for their commendable efforts for ‘Babies Health’
  • Organizing speech competition on health topics such as Healthy Body Healthy Mind, Benefits of Morning Walk and Sports, Calcium Robbers (harmful effects of cola drinks), Benefits of vitamins and minerals, Pollution of Drinking Water and Water Born Diseases etc.
  • Celebrating World Water Day, Dental Health Care etc.
  • Hepatitis Screening and vaccination program
  • Blood Group Detection program
  • Eyesight Screening program
  • Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, BMI Test Camps for parents
  • Bone Screening Camps for students’ mothers
  • Calcium Robbers Awareness Workshops for male and female teacher and TEDDS other employees
  • First Aid Training
  • Nutritional Awareness Program, Growth Diet & Nutritional Table (Age, Height, weight etc.)
  • Provisioning of Health Cards.

S.M.O Report

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