Teachers Training

TEDDS’ main focus is to increase the base of skilled, high performing teacher trainers in Pakistan, to promote quality education. The professional development programs to be devised / implemented by TEDDS Learning Centre for Teachers will be professionally sound and customized to effective teaching at elementary, Secondary and Higher secondary level of teaching to be undertaken by highly skilled and experienced experts in Education. Supporting National endeavor in enhancing professional skills development of teachers through Degree Courses and certificates in education to meet indigenous requirement of TEDDS, Lahore, Punjab and Pakistan.

The program objectives are:

  • To enhance the professional skills of selected Teacher Educators i.e. master teacher trainers in the teaching of Mathematics, Science, English as a Second Language & other subjects, ICT and leadership for managing change.
  • Professional development of all the teachers on the roll of ‘The Trust Schools’ as well as the future inductees in TEDDS.
  • Provisioning of affordable teacher Training Program for the serving teachers in other institutions in and around Lahore, Punjab and Pakistan as well as the prospective teachers.
  • Introduction of Master, Bachelor and Honors Degree Courses, MMOT (Montessori Method of Teaching) and other Certificates / Diploma Courses relevant to Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary School Teaching.